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14 to 16 May 2018 (31 Baisakh to 02 Jestha 2075; Monday to Wednesday)

Course Aim:

The aim of the course is to enhance knowledge and skills of project managers and construction supervision officials of projects on contract management.

Objectives of the Course:

The objectives of the course are to:

  • improve awareness on FIDIC MDB harmonized conditions of contract provisions; and
  • enhance skills on administering the contract effectively and efficiently .

Course Contents

The training course is intended to deliver the following contents:

  • FIDIC contract documents: introduction and principles
  • FIDIC contract documents: introduction and principles
  • Responsibilities of the main participants
  • Management of projects
  • Financial clauses and procedures
  • Risk, force majeure and termination
  • Variation order, price adjustment and extension of time
  • Monitoring of contract administration
  • Claim applications under FIDIC conditions of contract (pink book)
  • Processing of claims and resolution disputes

Training Approach and Methodology

The training follows social learning approach including various methods such as interactive presentation, discussion, individual exercise, group exercise and case study. It encourages the participants for experiences sharing to create learner friendly environment.