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Course Aim

The aim of the course was to enhance knowledge and skills of project staffs of executing and implementing agencies; coordination office; and implementation units on financial management.

Objectives of the Course

The objectives of the course were to:

  • increase awareness in ADB disbursement principles, policies, and guidelines; project accounts and audit requirement; and
  • enhance capacity in financial management.

Course Contents

The training course was organized to deliver the following contents:

  • General overview of financial management
  • EEAP and fund flow system 
  • Loan disbursement
  • Financial reporting
  • Loan and grant financial information system
  • Procurement contract summary sheet
  • Withdrawal application and statement of expenditure

Training Approach and Methodology

The training followed social learning approach including various methods such as interactive presentation and discussion. Learner friendly environment was created to encourage the participants for sharing experiences.


Twenty-eight (28) participants have participated the program.