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Good safeguards practices should be well-established in the overall process of development. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is one of the major components of safeguards policy and practices. It strives for highest degree of protection for the environment and for everyone who works. It assures safer and healthier environment which is supported and observed by everyone being engaged in the development process.
Government of Nepal (GoN) is committed to address safeguard requirements while designing and implementing any development projects that could have adverse impacts, however, safeguards performance of development programs and projects seems very poor. That is why, ADB’s Nepal Country Partnership Strategy has emphasized the need for improvement in such performance of projects funded by it. There is an urgent need of developing capacity in key agencies and to meet an immediate requirement for better environmental and social safeguards policy provisions. Training needs assessments conducted by Capacity Development Resource Center in 2017 and 2021 have indicated gaps in safeguards related knowledge and skills of officials working in the ADB assisted projects. In this regard, the training program on OHS has been designed to impart safeguards knowledge and skills to the participants.
Course Aim
The aim of this course is to enhance OHS related knowledge and skills of the participants working in different government agencies.
Objectives of the Course
At the end of this training program, the participants are expected to be able to:
• analyze the legal procedures, principles and provisions of OHS; and
• implement safeguards policy principles in development projects.
Course Contents
The training course will be organized to deliver the following con-tents:
• OHS definition and importance
• OHS management, planning and implementation
• OHS legal provisions
• OHS preparations and emergency protocol
• OHS reporting mechanism
• High risk activities on construction sites
• OHS monitoring and auditing
• OHS in bidding/contract documents and reporting
Training Approach and Methodology
Adult learning principles will be used to facilitate the learning of the participants. Particularly, instruction techniques such as interactive lecture, demonstration, video and group exercise will be used to enhance participants' learning
Participants (24)

S.N Name
1 Aashish GC
2 Akrita Rai
3 Alisha Baral
4 Alisha Siwakoti
5 Amrit Prasad Adhikari
6 Balaram Kushwaha
7 Bishal K.C.
8 Chakra Bikram Singh
9 Dilasa Tiwari
10 Gita Devi Paudel
11 Indra Lal Subedi
12 Jigyasha Rai Yangkhurung
13 Khem Raj Regmi
14 Kripa Devkota
15 Kumar Khanal
16 Narayan Panthi
17 Nilam Sharma
18 Prabin Shrestha
19 Rajal Shrestha
20 Rakesh Roshan
21 Santosh Gurung
22 Satish Silpakar Shrestha
23 Subhadra Adhikari
24 Uday Kumar Mahato