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Assessment of potential social risk and impact associated with the development intervention is crucial throughout the project cycle and development interventions deliver results only if safeguards measures are properly taken. 
During the implementation phase, a project may face several challenges regarding social safeguards and they need to be addressed on time for achieving balanced and inclusive development. In this regard, this social safeguard clinic has been planned and designed to discuss the issues and challenges that projects are facing while managing the project. 
In line with this, Nepal Administrative Staff College, Capacity Development Resource Center (CDRC) is conducting such clinics on a regular basis for discussing issues and challenges related to project management with the objective of identifying a possible solution to resolve the problems associated with the issues or avoid repetition of such issues in the projects in the future. 

Approach and Methodology
The participating officials from various ADB assisted projects to come up with the issues and problems that they are facing while implementing their projects. They will get an opportunity to interact with CDRC experts and seek appropriate solutions for the issues and problems they encounter with. An online modality of interaction will be used.

CDRC Experts
Mr. Laxmi Prasad Subedi, Senior Social Development Officer, ADB
Mr. Bam Bahadur Thapa,  Social Safeguard Specialist, CDRC

1) Rural Connectivity Improvement Project
2) Electricity Transmission Expansion and Supply Improvement    Project