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Progress of project can be measured with status report. In project management, status or progress reporting is one of the essential practices. Project status or progress report is a means for key actors to keep track of a project’s progress and also help them identify risks and other challenges that need to be addressed. Good project managers regularly generate progress or status reports for informing stakeholders about the project. Stakeholders are always anxious to know how the project is doing, so keeping them in the loop via regular status or progress reports will increase their confidence in the project manager and the project. It is better to communicate potential or real issues and challenges with them as soon as they arise. In this regard, the training program on preparing quarterly progress report has been designed to strengthen the knowledge and skills of the participants in preparing progress and status reports.

Course Aim
The aim of this course is to enhance the progress report writing knowledge and skills of the participants as per the requirements of ADB.

Objectives of the Course
At the end of this training program, participants are expected to be able to:

  • understand the basics of progress report; and
  • prepare thematic area wise quarterly progress report to fulfill the requirements

Course Contents
The training course will be organized to deliver the following contents:

  • Basics of quarterly progress report
  • Requirements on
  1. financial management
  2. social safeguards
  3. environmental safeguards
  4. gender equality and social inclusion
  5. contract management

Training Approach and Methodology
The training will mainly based on interactive presentation, discussion, and brainstorming. Due to the current pandemic situation and the measures taken by the Government of Nepal in response to the outbreak of COVID-19, this program is being conducted online.

The program will be implemented for three days with about 4 and half hours of session every day.

Training Mode

The training program will be conducted virtually. Participants can join training through the mentioned details.

Meeting ID: 995 5651 1680
Passcode: 123456


S. N. Name  Designation
Project Directorate ( ADB), Department of Roads
1 Sushil Babu Dhakal Project Director
2 Rupak Rajbhandari Deputy Project Director
3 Rakesh Maharjan  Deputy Project Director
4 Shova Giree Engineer
5 Manda Panta Engineer
6 Yubraj Dhakal Environment Safeguard Specialist
7 Chet Nath Dahal Social Safeguard Specialist
8 Bishnu Om Bade Procurement/Contract Management Specialist
9 Ramesh Kumar Disti  Project Manager 
10 Pradeep Raj Shakya Project Manager 
11 Park, Kwang Sik Team Leader
12 Hem Prasad Shrestha Resident Engineer
13 Subash Dhungel Road Safety Expert
14 Chintamani Sharma Social Resettlement Expert
15 Shagun Shah GESI Specialist
16 Arbind Shrestha Assitent Resident Engineer
17 Sujan Adhikari Project Manager 
18 Niraj Sharma Project Manager 
19 Neil Davis Team Leader
20 Arun Kumar Mishra Deputy Team Leader
21 Jeevan Singh GESI Specialist
22 Makar Bahadur Khadka Social Resettlement Expert
23 Hari Chandra Pandit Social Development Officer
24 Deepak Shrstha Office Administrator
25 Tae Hwa Choi   Team Leader
26 Prakash Upadhyaya    Deputy Team Leader
27 Suresh Babu Shrestha   Highway Engineer
28 Aditya Paudel    Engineer
29 Rajan Kumar Shrestha Environmental Specialist 
30 Rabin Dhakal   Social Development/Resettlement Specialist
31 Prayag Raj Tamrakar  Wildlife Expert 
32 Prem Prakash Khatri Project Manager 
33 Narendra Subedi Project Manager 
Priority River Basin Flood Risk Management Project (PRBFRMP)
34 Ajay Adhikari Project Director
35 Nakul Thapa Account Officer
36 Jamuna Pariyar Engineer
37 Roshan Bhakta Suwal Engineer
38 Shabnam Samal Sociologist
Nepal Electricity Authority, Project Management Directorate
39 Prakash Paudel Project Manager
40 Piyush Malakar Project Manager
41 Birendra Kumar Jha Project Manager
42 Umesh Dahal Engineer
43 Amit Bhagat Engineer
44 Sagar Gyawali Project Manager