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Nepal, being signatory to various international conventions, is legally committed to gender equality and social inclusion. Three of the     Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are also closely related with gender   equality and social inclusion (GESI), SDG 1 (elimination of absolute poverty and reduction of poverty by half), SDG 5 (gender equality and empowerment of women and girls) and SDG 10 on  reducing inequality (within and between countries) by 2030.
The Constitution of Nepal envisions Nepal as an inclusive state and guarantees the right to equality for all its citizens. Since last few    decades, the Government of Nepal (GoN) and the development     partners have developed and implemented different policy frameworks to mainstream GESI. Sector specific GESI policies and guidelines have also been adopted by different sectoral ministries of the GoN. 
In this regard, the workshop on GESI has been designed to have better actions on GESI for effective results. 
Course Aim
The aim of this course is to plan GESI actions for effective results. 
Objectives of the Course 
At the end of this training program, participants are expected to be able to:
• understand gender, gender role and relations, practical needs, strategic interests, equity, equality, empowerment and social inclusion, and GESI theory of change; and 
• analyze sector specific GESI issues and entry points for resolution in relation to project's GESI action plan.
Participants (29)


S.N Name
1 Arjun Babu Dhakal
2 Bikesh Wadhanthachhya
3 Dhurba Kumar Jha
4 Dilli Ram Luitel
5 Ganga Prasad Yadav
6 Hari Lamsal
7 Jigyasa Rai
8 Krishna Prasad Dumrakoti
9 Krishna Prasad Rijal
10 Kushang Sherpa
11 Laxmi Basnet
12 Mamta Bista
13 Nav Raj Simkhada
14 Nawa Raj Dhakal
15 Praash Bhattarai
16 Rajan Rishi Kadel
17 Rajendra Koirala
18 Rajendra Maharjan
19 Rakesh Maharjan
20 Ramita Shrestha
21 Ratna Prasad Lamichhane
22 Santosh Raj Piudel
23 Shova Giree
24 Shyam Ju Bhandari
25 Shyam Mani Kaphle
26 Suman Salike
27 Surendra Subedi
28 Tara P Pradhan
29 Tika Chaudhari