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Progress of project can be measured with status report. In project management, status or progress reporting is one of the essential practices. Project status or progress report is a means for key actors to keep track of a project’s progress and also help them identify risks and other challenges that need to be addressed.
Good project managers regularly generate progress or status reports for informing stakeholders about the project. Stakeholders are always anxious to know how the project is doing, so keeping them in the loop via regular status or progress reports will increase their confidence in the project manager and the project. It is better to communicate potential or real issues and challenges with them as soon as they arise. In this regard, the training program on preparing quarterly progress report has been designed to strengthen knowledge and skills of the participants in preparing progress and status reports.
Course Aim
The aim of this course is to enhance the progress report writing knowledge and skills of the participants as per the requirements of ADB.
Objectives of the Course
At the end of this training program, participants are expected to be able to:

  • understand the basics of progress report; and
  • prepare quarterly progress report to fulfill the ADB requirements.

Course Contents
The training course will be organized to deliver the following contents:

  • Basics of quarterly progress report
  • Financial management requirements
  • Safeguards’ requirements
  •  Gender equality and social inclusion requirements
  • Consultant/contractor’s performance evaluation
  • Project specific requirements

Training Approach and Methodology
The training will mainly based on interactive lecture, group exercise and presentation.



S.N Full Name
1 Aradhana Koirala
2 Bala Krishna Adhikari
3 Balkrishana Sharma
4 Basudev Bhandari C
5 Bhakta Mani Sitoula
6 Bimal Babu Khatri
7 Hari Prasad Ojha
8 Ishwor Barshila
9 Kula Nand Chaudhary
10 Madhu Sudhan Ghimire
11 Narayan Panthi
12 Prabina Thapa Magar
13 Rajal Shrestha
14 Samir Bhattarai
15 Sangeeta Gurung 
16 Sangita Budhathoki
17 Sangita Rai
18 Santosh Raj Paudel
19 Srikanta Nayak
20 Sulochana Shrestha
21 Sumitra Parajuli
22 Surendra Subedi
23 Tilak Prasad Panday
24 Ujwal Chaulagain
25 Umesh Raj Subedi
26 Yukmani Bhattarai