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Procurement constitutes a major activity of development projects and occupies a considerable portion of the project budget. In fact, almost about three fourth of the development budget is spent on procurement and this is even higher in case of construction projects. Hence, success of development activities relies on effective procurement management to a large extent. Meanwhile, most of the big construction projects in developing countries like Nepal are carried out under the assistance of donors and they are much more concerned about the economy and efficiency in projects.
Asian Development Bank has recently approved a New Procurement Framework with the hope that it will reduce processing times and improve the quality of procurement decisions. In the case of Nepal, it has been effective in few ADB assisted projects. In this connection, this training is based on the requirement of new framework which marks a transition from a “one size fits all” to a “fit for purpose” approach to procurement.
In this regard, the training program on Procurement of Works (ADB’s New Framework) has been designed to impart procurement management related knowledge and skills to improve the quality of procurement decisions.
Course Aim
The aim of this course is to enhance the procurement management
knowledge and skills of the participants.
Objectives of the Course
At the end of this training program, participants are expected to be
able to:

  • understand the legal procedures, principles and practice of procurement; and
  • prepare bidding documents, evaluate bid and award contract.

Course Contents
The training course will be organized to deliver the following

  • • ADB’s new procurement framework
  • • Procurement procedure
  • • Preparation and evaluation of bidding documents
  • • Contract Award

Training Approach and Methodology
Adult learning principles will be used to facilitate the learning of the participants. Particularly, instruction techniques such as interactive lecture, group exercises, plenary discussions will be used to enhance participants' learning.
The program will be implemented for three days

09:00 - 05:15

Training Management Team
Mr. Shiva Hari Adhikari
Mr. Govinda Maharjan
Mr. Shashi Shekhar Acharya



S.N.    Name
1    Akshay Shahi
2    Arun Khanal
3    Basudev Bhandari.C
4    Bhakta Mani Sitoula
5    Gobinda Prasad Khanal
6    Govinda Prasad Pokharel
7    Hari Prasad  Ojha
8    Hom Raj Timilsena
9    Kalpana Subedi
10    Kula Nand Chaudhary
11    Madhu Sudhan Ghimire 
12    Narendra Paneru
13    Navin Kumar Singh
14    Nisha K.C.
15    Pradeep Bhattarai
16    Rajan Gharti
17    Rajiv Kumar Singh
18    Ram Lochan Sah
19    Ram Parajuli
20    Ramesh Subedi
21    Rhicha Karn
22    Sagar Ram Nepal
23    Shashi Adhikari
24    Satish Subedi
25    Seejan Paudel
26    Shikhar Lama Tamang
27    Shyam Mani Kaphle
28    Surendra Subedi 
29    Yagendra Dharala
30    Yukmani Bhattarai