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Projects are the set of activities to be completed within time, cost and quality specification. Projects play crucial roles in shaping up the development process. So, projects should be managed in such a way that they significantly contribute development efforts. Effective project management assures that development projects are executed as planned and helps in achieving results. In Nepal, performance of development projects and programs seem very poor. That is why, the Nepal Country Partnership Strategy has emphasized the need for improvement of portfolio performance of projects funded by Asian Development Bank. There is an urgent need of developing capacity in key agencies and to meet an immediate requirement for better investment planning and project preparation, implementation, and monitoring. The TNA has also indicated the lacking of knowledge and skills in project management. In this regard, the training on project management techniques has been designed to enhance project management related knowledge and skills of the participants.
Course Aim
The aim of this course is to enhance the project management knowledge and skills of the participants.
Objectives of the Course
At the end of this training program, the participants are expected to be able to:

  • understand various areas of an application under project management;
  • explain project management tools and techniques; and
  • manage cost, resources and stakeholders.

Course Contents
The training course will be organized to deliver the following contents:

  • Project management fundamentals
  • Areas of project management
  • Scope, Schedule, Cost,
  • Resource, Quality, Procurement
  • Stakeholder, Communication & Integration

Training Approach and Methodology
Adult learning principles will be used to facilitate the learning of the participants. Particularly, instruction techniques such as interactive lecture, quiz, experience sharing will be used to enhance participants' learning.

Training Management Team
Mr. Shiva Hari Adhikari
Mr. Shashi Shekhar Acharya

Paricipants details


S.N Name
1 Bashanta Dhoj Shrestha
2 Bigyan Pokhrel
3 Bikram Shrestha Zoowa
4 Dhupendra Kumar Jha
5 Dinesh Ghimire
6 Hem Timilsina
7 Kailash Shrestha
8 Kamal Prasad Adhikari
9 Kripa Devkota
10 Nabin Gotame
11 Narayan Prasad Shrestha
12 Nirodh Pudasaini
13 Prakash Parajuli
14 Prakash Poudel
15 Pramod Timsina
16 Prasanta Bhatta
17 Preksha Singh
18 Puspa Raj Malla
19 Rajal Shrestha
20 Randhir Pathak
21 Ranjan Raj Gurung
22 Roshan Agrawal
23 Rumesh Rupakheti
24 Sajan Shrestha
25 Shekh Maksud Aalam
26 Shree Prasad Sah
27 Suchana Acharya
28 Surendra Ghimire
29 Tanka Prasad Khanal
30 Ukesh Shrestha
31 Yadab Prasad Neupane